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Dead Sea Mineral Black Mud


Dead Sea Mineral Black Mud Pure Athentic Facial Face Body Mask Acne


  • Being effective in removing blackhead both of nose and face, oil controlling and deep whitening, this mask is a brillant choice for you to be radiant and perfect.

  • Type: Treatment & Mask Removes blackheads,eliminate oily

  • Country: China

  • Gender: UnisexSkin Type: All Skin Types

  • Effect: Deep Cleansing, Whitening, Oil Control, Remove Acne & Blackhead

  • Unit Quantity: 1 Pc

  • Net Content: 120 g

  • Gross Weight: 140 g

  • Packaging: carton packaging

  • Shelf life: 3 years

  • Have moisturizing the skin, promote blood circulation, improve the role of skin color,

  • Can promote the decomposition and excretion of melanin, whitening skin, brighten the complexion,

  • Marine mud can clean the pores, so that cell activity increased,

  • Strengthen the skin antioxidant,

  • Promote skin regeneration, but also effectively inhibit the formation of melanin,

  • And dilute the melanin has been formed, so that the skin even bright and clean,

  • While resisting free radicals, improving dull roughness,

  • Make skin white and smooth, replenishment effect is remarkable.

Package Includes:

1 x Black Mud Mask,1x Scraper




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