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Graviola Extract – 200g

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Product Descritpion                                                                                                                       

[product name] soursop extract, Shakyako extract, red hair durian extract

[English name] Extract Graviola

[Latin name] squamosa Annona
[extract] for the section of the litchi
[medicinal part] fruit
[chemical composition] this product mainly contains flavonoids, polyphenols, natural vitamins, protein, etc..
[product specifications] 10:1,
[appearance] light yellow brown to yellow brown fine powder
[number] 100% through 80
[product packaging] 200g/ double layer sterile plastic bag
Keep the cool and dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature.
[shelf life] two years
[indications] health effects: Annona nutrition is very rich, high calorie, beauty, physical, clean blood, healthy and strong bones, prevent scurvy, enhancing immunity, anticancer. Since ancient times known as the upper tonic, high nutritional value.
1, vitamin C, vitamin C68 mg per 100 grams.
2, beauty beauty, is the best fruit antioxidant, can effectively delay skin aging, beauty.
3, laxative, guanabana high fiber content, promote intestinal peristalsis, help row stool.
Plant introduction:
Chinese alias: fruit, fruit, Sakyamuni Buddha head screw, pineapple, mark Tuo Yang, Lin Qin ant fruit
Plant source: fruit of the fruit of the plant of the family.
Harvest and storage: summer, autumn harvest, fresh or dried.
Chemical composition: fruit containing protein 2.34%, fat 0.30%, sugar 20.42% and vitamin C.
Seed oil: 25.5%, protein 14.2%
Active ingredient: A (squamostatin)
Pharmacological effects: the seeds of some litchi have the effect of anti implantation and induced abortion
Main functions: fill the spleen and stomach; clearing heat and detoxification; insecticidal. The main malignant sore pain; intestinal parasites
Nature: sweet, cold
Storage conditions: sealed, avoid light
Effective period: 24 months

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