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Graviola Fruit Extract Powder – Anti Tumour/Cancer


1 what is  Soursop Extract

Soursop, (Annona muricata or guanabana) is a 100% natural supplement of the Puerto Rican forest, extracted from graviola leaves, (“Annona muricata” or soursop).Studies at several universities in the United States discovered acetogenins extremely powerful component. Many of the chemicals in the leaves of the graviola, contribute to cell regeneration, preventing the deterioration of patients with degenerative diseases. Graviola extract improves the digestive system to help the assimilation of nutrients and can be uses as cell protective. 

The ingredients are bioactive acetogenins from the leaves of the tree. There are 350 discovered to date. The acetogenins are extremely potent, with an ED 50 up 10-9 microgram per millilitre. 

2 Main Function of Soursop Extract

 a. Sedative Strengthens

 b. Immune System

 c. Help Digestive System

 d. Cell regeneration


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