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White Pearl Cream with Ginseng 200g

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200g Ginseng White Pearl Day Cream Cheese Pearl Cream Whitening Freckle Primer Skin Care Products Free Shipping


Main ingredients: pearl powder, ginseng, nano peptide powder, chamomile, red myrrh, vitamin E, collagen, licorice extract, etc.


Suitable for: any type of skin


Effect: Efficacy: 1 the whitening pale spot


Whitening, eliminate acne, freckles, wrinkles, roughness of the skin, whitening, raise colour, youth is moving.


Pearls with a variety of other noble beauty vitamin refined but become, for wrinkles and dark spots, freckles, pimples, acne, whelk have magical effect, with functions of resistance to uv radiation.


Ginseng contains ingredients, has long been recognized to human skin beauty with special effects, can promote skin beautiful, good capillary blood circulation, and can really eliminate wrinkles, pimples, acne, acne, dark spots, freckles. Not only can be use instead of foundation, and does not harm the skin, whitening. .




Effect 2: tender skin wrinkle


Excellent moisturizing effect. Of small molecules can penetrate into the dermis, accelerate the blood circulation; Promote skin nutrition and moisture absorption; Fade wrinkles and increase skin elasticity, helps retard skin aging, always keep the skin firm, moist and smooth hands.



Efficacy: isolation is prevented bask in


In the skin surface to form a layer of breathable film, make the skin smooth and moist, and blocking foreign bacteria, dust, ultraviolet intrusion, protect the skin from for a long time.





4: block defect naked makeup


With bright color of skin, add balance grease “water coagulation bright part”, make skin evenly whiten, distributed through burnish feeling, make lasting clothing, makeup look and texture light bright and comfortable.




Usage: After cleaning face, take proper amount apply on the face. Pat gently with finger tips.


Net Weight: 200 ml (Packing box could be different )


Expired Date: 1Years


You can also click the follow link to buy this product in 30g

30g Pearl Ginseng Cream


Please note we have changed new better packing bottle and label ,picture shown below:









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